The 3 Best Niches For An Online Writer Who Wants To Make Money

The 3 Best Niches For An Online Writer Who Wants To Make Money

If you are skilled in writing, you have a few jobs that are available if you would like to make good money, and most of them do not even require the same immense resume that other jobs do. The beauty of writing is in proving that you can get the job done, instead of resting on your laurels, like so many other jobs.

One of the best fields to pursue as a writer in this day and age is as a freelance online writer. These writers tend to work for different clients every day, and their income stream is not always constant. While this may not make for excellent job security, working as a freelance writer has its pros and cons.

Finding The Best Niches For An Online Writer

Today, we are going to be answering a question that is on the lips of freelance writers around the world: what is the best niche to specialize in? Different choices will make for varying levels of profit, so you will have to make an informed decision if you want to be happy with your job.

While the right niche is essential to ensure that you make as much money as you would like to, you will also want to opt for a subject that you are acquainted with.


Copywriting is one of the best options for freelance writers who are looking to make as much money as possible in a short period. No such thing in this world even resembles money for nothing, so you will have to consider that this niche requires more skill than some of the other options.

This discipline is one that requires a unique type of writer. You have to be comfortable working on the same project for days at a time, reading and rereading the same section over and over again to ensure that it is perfect. The subject matter that you will be writing about will be diverse, but it will have to be detailed.

It is not unheard of to have to do a day’s worth of research or even more to make a copywriting article. You may be wondering why you would want to write articles that are so much more difficult, and it is because of the amount of money that you get paid while you are writing.

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Copywriters will make much more money than an average writer, and that is because they are not ordinary writers. Your patience and effort are rewarded by up to 1000 dollars for a four to five day work week. A lot of the time, an entire work week will be dedicated to a single 1000 - 5000 word article.

Editorials And Opinion Pieces

If you have a particular area of qualification, such as a degree or experience in the field that you are writing about, you will find that writing opinion pieces for larger publications is an attractive option. The unfortunate part is that this requires specialization in a field other than writing.

This is an excellent choice for someone who is transitioning into the freelance writing field from their area of expertise. Just because you are getting started off as a writer recently, it doesn't mean that you have never done anything else, after all.

Unfortunately, this field can be somewhat tricky to get into.

One of the best ways to get jobs such as these is to regularly check any requests for freelancers from publications that concern your area of expertise. While many publications will have in-house writers to write such opinion pieces, you will find many who employ freelancers as well. This is a very specialized area of writing, however.

While it may be difficult to get into this field, you will find that it pays well per article because most of them will require specific, technical information regarding the topic. If you have the knowledge, you have a publication willing to accept you, and you would like to make good money, this is one of the best options.

Reviews For Affiliate Sites

Product reviews make up the bread and butter of much of the freelance writing world. Affiliate sites are a great way to make money, and they have been for a decent period (which is not that long in the world of business). The best part about this field is that it is simple and it has quite a few clients.

If you want to ensure that you have a steady source of income as a freelance writer, you will want to find a client in the affiliate site business. These sites are usually affiliated with online vendors, and you get paid by them to review their products, more specifically, your client gets paid by the retailer, and you get paid by your client.

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Reviewing products is a great way to make money because it does not require intimate acquaintance with any particular field. All you need is a reasonable amount of knowledge about a relatively wide range of products. Even if you are not acquainted with one of your subjects, research will usually progress quickly and easily.

The single most crucial skill as a freelance writer in this category is to ensure that you are good at researching a topic and understanding products. If you are good at doing research, you will not have any issues with this field. While you may not make as much money in this area as some of the other options, it is more straightforward.

Since this field is populated by so many other writers, you may have issues dealing with competition, so this is a niche in which you will want to show your prowess. This is at least the case if you would like to make a decent amount of money per article.


We hope that we have been able to let you know some of the best niches for an aspiring freelance writer. Every writer is different, so there is no single best option, this makes it so that you may wish to try each of them out yourself.

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