Writing Jobs Online – How To Succeed In Freelance Writing

Writing Jobs Online - How To Succeed In Freelance Writing

Freelancing requires more than just being skilled at writing. You have to find a platform that allows you to thoroughly conduct your business and serve clients.

That’s where Writing Jobs Online fits in. This writing jobs online review will detail why this platform has generated a $4500-$5000 a month salary for new freelancers. Keep reading if you want a trustworthy freelancing platform that helps you increase your sales and the quality of your clients.

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Why Should You Choose Your Writing Jobs Platform Carefully

Finding your first writing job is going to be difficult at first. In fact, there is a multitude of platforms out there that aren’t legitimate, and prevents freelancers from attracting clients.

Because of this, you have to research each writing platform to ensure that you’ll have a safe, and legitimate place to promote your services. Here are some of the problems you’ll probably face when starting off:

Hard To Land First Gig

This is a problem that most first time freelancers tend to face. Most of the time this is because of their portfolio, gig hunting strategies, and their network. You have to keep improving these three components to expand your business and career.

No matter what you do, you have to sell yourself and your skills through either a resume or a portfolio. If your skills are unable to be proved online, ask a previous employer for a letter of recommendation to be scanned or sent online.

Gig Hunting Strategies

About 30% of online freelancers have a hard time finding gigs due to their bidding prices. The value of a dollar is relevant. But, if you have the lowest rates available, you’ll also look like the lowest quality option around. Use your rates to show confidence in the quality of your work and your clients will see your value as well.

Sometimes, other freelancers tend to overcharge for their services. If you have the skills and the expertise to charge higher rates but aren’t receiving any new clients, chances are you’re aiming too high.

We suggest that you start by lowering your rates for your first-time clients. On average, novice writers started off at a rate of .5¢ per word. This allows your client to view your skills and gives you a chance to show them you’re worth it.


Not to mention, your network is the lifeblood of your freelancing career. Without a stable network and you’ll find it harder to maintain clients and land new gigs.

Your network is the lifeblood of your freelancing career

To fix this, you’ll have to do the following things:

  • Network with everyone within and outside your field. Not just people who are potential clients. You should network with freelancers who work in areas that are competitive or complementary to yours. You’ll be surprised where your next lead will come from.
  • Change your networking surroundings, to see which one you’re the most comfortable with. Whether it’s a formal setting like a luncheon or a conference, or a relaxed setting like having a discussion.
  • Build genuine connections. Selling everyone your pitch will only lead to fewer clients and a negative relationship with the ones you do land. Develop relationships with your network by asking questions, allowing them to demonstrate their value, and using your professional skills to solve their problems.

Maintaining Good Clients

You have to treat each client as if they’re your most important one. Happy clients are more likely to send referrals and recommendations if your service matches their needs.

It doesn’t matter if they are a Fortune 500 company or a family-owned business. Provide them with your best service, and they’ll reward you with referrals, extra work, and sales.

Respond Quickly

When a new or regular client emails you, acknowledge the email and respond to it as soon as possible. Even if you don’t have the service or answer they’re looking for, it’s better than no response. You give your clients extra comfort by acknowledging their requests and communicating that you’re actively working on their problem.

Use More Than An Email Address

Despite its popularity in modern business, email communication can be detrimental if both parties don’t know each other well. Use other channels to help your clients understand who you are.

Face to face meetings are important

Consider using face-to-face meetings, Skype calls, or a phone call to put a face (or voice) to your name. Usually, phone meetings get a bad reputation (e.g., both parties using it to stay on the same page), but if it's used for good news, phone calls are a great way to maintain a good relationship with your client.

Go The Extra Mile

As you improve your client relationships and your business, there are times where you’ll have to make a decision either to expand or adjust your core values to support your client. Customizing your services to your clients allow the following benefits:

  • Clients remember the time you assisted them.
  • It might open up new product offerings and revenue streams.

Remember, make sure that you’re adequately compensated for going beyond your company’s core values.

Stay Patient When Creating New Relationships

As we’ve stated earlier, professional relationships take time. Resist in creating a single sided conversation where you’re the only one talking, as it’s a severe put-off for clients. Instead, take some time to know your client, and share something important about yourself.

Most importantly, the work between you and your client will determine the quality of your relationship. No personal connection can substitute good work.

Summarize The Next Steps

No matter how quick a client meeting is, always give your client the next steps of your service. Recap the conversation, tell them the details of how you can solve their problem (i.e. coding their website, re-designing their logo, etc.), and give an approximate amount of time it takes to finish the project.

Summarize The Next Steps after meeting.

Many freelancers skip this step. While you might remember all of the project details, your client might not. This prevents both parties from experiencing confusion later down the road and aligns both parties to stay on the same page.

To keep a healthy relationship with your clients, you have to remain active with them. No responses, low quality work, and lack of project direction will reduce the chances of them working with you again. By taking your clients seriously, your business will grow, and you’ll obtain more sales in the long term.

On What To Pay Attention When Choosing Your Writing Jobs Platform

When searching for your writing platform, you have to check each one for its quality. If a site doesn’t have a good interface, is hard to use, or is a hassle for you to obtain clients, it’s not worth your money.

Look for the following things when searching for a freelance writing platform.


While there are various new writing platforms out there, all of them were not created equal. Some scam sites tend to trick users into buying their services under the guise of attracting more clients.

To avoid this issue, you have to check the reliability of your writing platform. Start by reading consumer and company reports based on their service. If there are multiple negative reviews, view this as a red flag and avoid working with the platform altogether.

As a freelancer, you don’t have time to waste on low-quality writing platforms. If they have a phone number, email address, or physical address to contact them, chances are they are legitimate is worth

check the reliability of your writing platform

You also need to check their payment options. When doing so, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How often do they pay freelancers out?
  • What’s their preferred payment method? (PayPal or via Bank Transfer)

Avoid writing platforms that don’t allow immediate payment after you complete a project. For instance, some sites require you to accumulate some credits before receiving payment. Save yourself time and money by checking out these aspects before signing up.

Ease Of Use

Find a writing platform that’s user-friendly. On average, your writing platform should take no longer than 25 minutes to get used to. This includes profile creation, portfolio generation, and applying to gigs.

Check the dashboard of your writing platform. The tabs should allow you to view your current project progress, a direct link to withdraw your earnings, and a messaging system to allow you to engage with your clients. We suggest testing a few platforms when starting to find out which one gives you the most utility.


With the right tools, you’ll find it easier to maintain client relationships and fully utilize your writing platform. Here is a table of some helpful tools that will supplement your writing and make it more presentable to your clients.

Software Name


Grammar Checker

While there is spell checking software founded in text editors such as Microsoft Word, they can’t catch every mistake. That’s why a grammar checker is so useful. It will highlight any part of the text that needs editing and suggests improvements to your writing.

‘Using a grammar checker will help your content have near-perfect text, each time you use it. It’s more comprehensive than built-in spell checkers, so you’ll know you’ve caught each error that you can

Readability Score

Your content must be readable and easy for your target audience to understand. The information it contains might be very helpful, but if it’s not presented concisely, then no one will be able to use it.

Paste your writing into this tool, and it will give you an average reading age that’s required to understand it. Based on the score, you can adjust your writing’s readability to suit your target audience as needed.

Language Tool

If you tend to write in 3 languages or more, regular grammar tools and guides aren’t usually able to read and check your non-English pieces.

However, a language tool checks for errors in 15 different languages such as Polish, German, Spanish, French. It makes the proofreading process easier and helps when writing for international clients.

Proofreading Bot

If you need to proofread your content quickly, this is the right tool for you. Simply place your writing inside of the text box, and it will give feedback on anything that’s grammatically incorrect or misspelled. Then, all you have to do is make the corrections and paste your improved content back into the document. It’s the fastest grammar checker online (and the easiest, too).


Customer support is an important thing to consider. Start by calling your platform’s technical support hotline to receive professional help for your questions. Gauge them based on the quality of their answers. If they are unable to answer your questions, or they take too long to respond to your support ticket, then you should look elsewhere.

technical support hotline

Novice freelancers tend to ask “Is writing-jobs.net legit?”

And the correct answer is, “Of course!”. Here is our review about the company and why you should use it. We’ll thoroughly discuss the pros and cons with this service to help you get a better understanding of how it works.

Best Writing Jobs Platform -
Writing Jobs Online

Writing Jobs Online is the #1 platform that helps freelancers get paid for creative writing. Not only does it feature a good training resource, but it also has three project tiers that are related to your skill level.

List Of The Characteristics

  • Earn $5000 a month
  • Easy to Use
  • 80+ Hours of Training Material
  • Profile and Portfolio Creation
  • No Tax % Reduction on your Earnings

How Does The Platform Work

Writing Jobs Online is a platform where freelance writers can search, find, and obtain legit writing jobs. Here, inexperienced writers can find jobs that require content writing for blogs, magazines, books, ebooks, and websites.

Writingjobs.net has a 3 step process:

  • Choose a job
  • Submit the Work
  • Receive Payment

The reason why you have to pay the site’s $27 monthly fee is because they don’t take a 20% cut out of your projects. For instance, if you receive $1000 for writing an ebook you’ll receive all of the project earnings, instead of paying $800 for similar websites.

This places it a step ahead of rival platforms as it allows users to earn their income without paying extra fees fully. You get paid twice a month when using this platform. You’ll receive a check from the service on the 15th and the end of the month.

Who Is This Service For

This service could be for you if you’re starting off as a freelance writer, but don’t know where to start. Writing Jobs Online gained a positive reputation because they offer reliable services to freelancers and helps them find gigs in less than 4 days.

When you first encounter the web page, everything that’s needed is placed on its dashboard. For instance, there is a list of featured freelance writing jobs that are available. Each sub-section indicates what the gig offers a remote, virtual, or freelance work.

Each post has a date on when it was published on the site. You won’t get too excited by an opportunity only to find out the position was filled seven weeks ago. Each of the posts tells you what topic that needs to be covered, from home cooking recipes to artificial intelligence.

Love to Write Sign

In fact, there’s a sorting feature on the platform’s homepage. This allows you to separate each job posting towards your personal requirements. We recommend that you start by separating the gigs based on your skill, experience, and location so you can find clients faster and obtain higher quality gigs.

If you do find something that interests you, click it. You’ll be directed to a page that has more information about the job offer and its requirements. Additionally, it gives you a link that allows you to apply for the gig.

Freelance writer jobs online require hours of training before you successfully complete your first gig. Fortunately, writingjobs.net consists of 80+ hours of training videos, articles, and other resources to help you get started. Thus, making this site an entry-level freelance site and training resource.

What Do You Gain When Using This Platform

The first advantage is the vast amount of writing jobs this platform provides. Competing platforms only show about 500 ads, and most of them are either. Expect to see at least 2000 writing ads daily that’s related to content writing, copywriting, and academic writing.

Secondly, you’ll receive listings from high-end companies, websites, online magazines, and more. Most of these gigs pay within a range from $200-$250 per topic; making it a great choice for freelancers wanting to make quick cash on their projects.

While some skeptics state that there’s reason to pay for a monthly service, Writing Jobs Online ensures that each job is 100% secure, and open to their freelancers. It’s helpful for a beginner who doesn’t know any job posting websites or job listing sites. Writing Jobs Online will help you get started.

Why Should You Try Writing Jobs Online

Writing Jobs Online offers a myriad of features to help freelancers get started. Here are some of the things you can expect when signing up with this reliable writing platform.

Additional Income

Writing Jobs Online allows users to earn up to $5000 a month online. For every article that you complete, you’ll earn $50. Since the site offers a consistent amount of writing gigs, it’s an easy service for writers wanting to work from home.


If you’re the type of person who doesn’t like completing the same task every day, Writing Jobs Online will have its appeal. When searching for writing gigs, the site gives you an ability to write on any topic that’s relevant to your skills, whether it’s car washing or islands in South America.

Pencils and dices.

Consumers like Writing Jobs Online because of this feature. This allows them to get in contact with clients faster, and set up time to complete writing projects. Look into this writing platform if you want interesting writing topics while having a wide range of clients to build your network

Payment Options

One positive features that increase the legitimacy of the site is its ability to use PayPal as an alternative source of payout earnings. PayPal has strict and complex rules on who they choose as partners. This is a good sign as it means you can receive your earnings faster and more securely.

If this is what you’re looking for and you’re passionate about writing, then Online Writing Jobs is worth trying. The platform is backed by a 60-day money back guarantee. If you’re dissatisfied with their service, you’ll receive your money back.

How Much Does It Cost

To use this service, you’ll have to pay $27 a month. While this is off-putting for some, you’ll gain the money back after completing your first project. As we’ve stated earlier, Writing Jobs Online doesn’t take a percentage of your earnings, which grants you more profit in the long run.

Each of their projects is separated into 3 different categories. They are separated by price groups and the complexity of the project requirements.

Price Range

Project Requirements


These are simple projects that require over 1000-5000 words of content. Some gigs might send you a link while others will expect you to pay a fee. For beginners, we suggest that you start with this section until you’ve created a long portfolio of completed projects.


Completing these projects are great for your portfolio. While you can continue doing smaller projects, you won’t gain as many earnings, and your portfolio won’t look appealing to higher paying clients. That’s why Writing Jobs Online created this price tier list.

This is for intermediate writers who have previous freelancing experience. Have at least 5-9 completed projects before applying to any of these gigs. Most clients at this level require you to write at least 7500 words to gain payment.

Online Magazine Gigs - $250+

For advanced freelancers, this is the way to go. At this level, online magazines will pay up to $250-$500 per article that you complete. But, you’re going to need expertise in the topic and have a great portfolio before buying.

Each of the gigs above is listed in alphabetical order. This allows you to quickly sift through each of them and find out which ones are suited to your skillset. With Writing Jobs Online, you can receive a good monthly wage through completing writing projects daily.

What Are The Disadvantages

The only thing that consumers disliked was the monthly cost for Writing Jobs Online’s service. While you have to pay $27 a month, understand that this is a small price to pay. After paying the subscription, you’ll gain access to a large list of gigs that are tailored towards your skill level.

Overall, Writing Jobs Online is designed to make freelancer’s daily writing online process easier. It has extra tools to help you learn how to use the software and offers a safe and secure way to receive your earnings. Give this product a look if you’re a freelancer that wants to quickly access gigs so you can start making money online.


For anyone that wants a good writing platform, Online Writing Jobs is perfect for you. It gives users a quick and straightforward way to obtain gigs. Within 3 days of signing up, you’ll receive your first gig and $50 after finishing your first project.

freelancing career

Ultimately, jobs online net is the best way to receive work. Give it a shot if you’re serious about starting your freelancing career and receiving a great monthly salary in the process.

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