10 Benefits Of Freelancing

10 Benefits Of Freelancing

Freelancing for some is one of the most liberating experiences to have. Everyone has their idea of what it means, but in my experience, it means one thing: Freedom. One of the first things I am asked when I tell people about freelancing is "What is it like?". In this article, I will go over some of the highlights of being a freelance writer.

These benefits apply to almost all freelancers regardless of discipline. This article is for those interested in being a freelancer, as well as for freelancers to use to answer that question whenever they are asked.

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The main benefits are:

  • Location Independence
  • You Can Change Your “Boss” Whenever You Like
  • Greater Schedule Flexibility
  • You Can Develop Side Projects At Your Will
  • Your Income is Based On Your Choices
  • Vacation Whenever You Like
  • You Can Control Your Office Space
  • Opportunity to Develop Into A Hands Off Business
  • Unique Education Opportunity
  • Can Reset Whenever You Like

These are only a few of the benefits, but these are the main ones that come to mind.

Location Independence

If you've ever felt stuck in your job, one of the best parts of being a freelancer is that feeling no longer becomes a sticking point. Whenever I get tired of a location, I pack up my things, and I simply either move or visit another location.

Being a freelancer means that you have the option to work remote, so you can work in a different location every week or every month if you wanted to. For those that love to travel or have wanderlust, this is one of the best benefits hands down.

You Can Change Your “Boss” Whenever You Like

Your clients are you, bosses. What this means is that essentially, you can change your boss whenever you like. Don't like how a client is treating you? Take time and invest it into finding another one to work with. Still, don't like another client? You can change them too. Instead of your boss firing you, you can "fire" your boss.

The limitation is on how well you can find your clients. If your skillset is top notch and in demand, you can create a realistic set of criteria that your client needs to meet and then work based on that.

Greater Schedule Flexibility

For parents, your schedule flexibility is one of the most important things you can have. It gives you chances to share experiences with your children that would otherwise be impossible. For those that have side hobbies that are important, you can control your schedule as long as you plan for it.

freelancing gives you schedule flexibility

Schedule flexibility means a greater freedom than a job can ever offer. It means you can eat when you like, nap when you want, and take a moment to collect yourself whenever you need one.

You Can Develop Side Projects At Your Will

If you have any other artistic or entrepreneurial projects that you want to handle freelancing fits perfectly with it. Freelancing requires organization, and when combined with the scheduling flexibility, you can make time for your side projects whenever you need to. This can be anything from starting a band to learning a second language.

Your Income Is Based On Your Choices

Jobs have your income tied down to one rate for an extended period. With freelancing, depending on your skill set and where you are sourcing your clients, you can radically change how much you are making based on your choices.

This can range from what you decide to charge clients to how much time you spend invested into learning and developing yourself. Unlike jobs, you have the full responsibility on how your financial situation is.

Vacation Whenever You Like

If you ever feel the inkling to take some time off from work, you can. Sometimes freelancing or working can be too much and burn out can occur. Sometimes tragedies happen, and you need to realign yourself.

Man on vacation.

If you need to do any of those things, freelancing makes it easier because you can set work aside and communicate with your clients you need to take time off due to personal reasons as long as you plan and prepare for it.

You Can Control Your Office Space

You can work whenever you want to. But it also means you can work however you want to. Many freelancers invest in a workspace that is all their own.

Many people work efficiently in different ways and require the different thing to break up the monotony. You can design and decorate your office space however you like based on your needs.

Opportunity To Develop Into A Hands Off Business

If you develop your client base high enough while fostering your organization and business skills, the next obvious step is expansion.

If you cultivate and develop your business well enough, you can gradually hire employees and eventually have a whole range of workers. This means that in a matter of years you can eventually have a fully developed business that runs with your oversight.

Unique Education Opportunity

Freelancing requires you to be adaptable and learn from your mistakes. While it doesn't necessarily mean that you have a formal education, the pressure to grow and learn is palpable. Freelancing gives you the chance to learn in a real-time practical setting, and you naturally develop side skills you never expected you would as a result.

Can Reset Whenever You Like

One of the best parts of freelancing is, when you combine all the other benefits, you get one ultimate one. You can reset whenever you like. You can swipe your client list, change your business, and ultimately revamp your life whenever it is necessary.

Clients on meeting.

In Closing

Once you understand the opportunity that freelancing presents, it becomes an enticing way to work. While it isn't for everybody, these benefits make it one that seems to the point that it is a great chance for many to build the lifestyle that they want.

Are you a freelancer? Do you have experience freelancing? If so, leave a comment below.

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